The municipality of Kula Norinska is situated on the right bank of the River Neretva. It contains nine communities: Borovci, Desne, Krvavac I, Krvavac II, Kula Norinska, Matijevići, Momići, Nova Sela, Podrujnica. As well as the whole valley, this municipality abounds in historic finds, such as the archaeological site of Vratar tower in Borovci. The tower of Kula Norinska, which gave the municipality its name, is situated on the left side of the river. It is a multi-storey tower built in early 16th century to defend against Venetian ships entering Neretva, and today it is a valuable cultural monument. Many restaurants in this municipality offer photo-safari trips, along with rich local cuisine. A photo-safari is a unique experience of riding on the traditional local boats along the quiet canals of the Neretva teeming with untouched wildlife. 


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