Fairytale nature, almost mythical landscapes and enchanting medieval towns of central Istria will awaken in you the primordial, the deep, the real natural pleasure! Central Istria is one of the few Mediterranean regions adorned with the quality of untouched natural landscape and rich heritage. Numerous ravines and hills have created and scattered a multitude of settlements in magical forms, with almost unreal vistas.


Pazin is the administrative seat of the Istrian County and in the 19th century, mostly due to its central position on the Peninsula, but also its importance, it earned the name "heart of Istria".


Barban is a small historical place located on a plateau that separates the Labin region from the Pula region. The prehistoric hillfort was inhabited by the ancient Romans. Throughout history, Barban was also known for its strategic position, dominating the hill and dominating the valley and the bridge over the river Raša.

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