Mljet, the most beautiful and forested island in the Adriatic, one of the most attractive pearls of the Mediterranean. Separated and untouched, the island of mysticism, olive trees, vines and rich forests is ideal for exploring the rich flora and fauna and for a peaceful enjoyment of the beauty of untouched nature.

It is mentioned as early as the fourth century BC in Greek writings, and numerous finds of Greek amphorae and sunken ships along the Mljet coast testify that Greek sailors stayed on the Mljet coast along the way.

Mljet National Park covers most of the island; several settlements, two salt lakes - Veliko and Malo jezero, a Benedictine monastery on the island of Sveta Marija, and in Polače there is the best natural anchorage in the entire Adriatic.

Many fortifications from the Illyrian period have been preserved - towns and graves, and the best preserved are those on the hill Veliki Gradac of the Great Lake and the town of Vodice, above the source of Vodice near Babin Polje. The Roman Palace, which is immediately behind Diocletian's Palace in Split and the arena in Pula, is one of the valuable heritage of the island of Mljet.

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